GPS tracker locator for Cars

The theft of all types of cars in the country has currently increased. Unfortunately, any of us can be a victim of this crime.

Hiring insurance is a good measure, although it must be clarified that sometimes you do not get what you are supposed to buy, this will already depend a lot on the insurer and the circumstances. You can complement it with a GPS tracker locator for a car.

How can we prevent theft of our vehicle using a GPS tracker for a car?

While it is true that there is no “magic solution” to solve the problem of car theft, there is a solution that can prevent us from being part of the negative statistic of vehicle theft.

What we recommend is to buy a GPS tracker for car or GPS satellite locator, since the prices are now very accessible and it is a good measure to have a tool, if one day they try to steal your vehicle. It should be clarified that the GPS you install Your vehicle does not ensure that you will never be robbed.

However, it is a preventive measure and in most cases, if it helps to recover the vehicle. The success of the GPS operation depends on the circumstances of the theft, the installation, and the equipment, among other things.

Advantages of installing a vehicle GPS tracker

The main advantages of installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle are the following:

  • Greater control in your unit
  • Security by being able to recover your vehicle in the event of a robbery
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have an additional tool to your insurance
  • Know the location at all times
  • Communication with the driver
  • Various reports such as speed, time stopped, approximate fuel consumption, among others.

Functions of a Car GPS Tracking device

The functions that a car GPS has are different, depending on the GPS model, however, there are three functions that are common in most GPS models:

  • Engine stop
  • Microphone
  • Emergency button

Engine stop

It allows you to stop the vehicle in an easy and simple way from a tracking platform or through a text message. This function is one of the best you can have in a GPS and also allows you to stop your vehicle from your cell phone or computer in the event of a robbery.

Another interesting use of engine shutdown is, for example, when you require that they cannot use the vehicle at certain times.

It must be considered that it is not always possible to install the engine shutdown to a vehicle for various reasons, including the guarantee of the car since some agencies do not allow modifications to be made to the unit, however, this does not really affect.

The guarantee because only certain cables are cut to make a bridge and connect a relay that is the one that cuts the current, either from the gasoline pump or the current from the ignition system.


It is a small microphone, which allows you to listen to the environment inside the car. This is very useful, for example, when you need to listen inside the unit for security reasons.

However, you can give it various uses, depending on what you consider appropriate for your needs.

Emergency button

The emergency button or panic button as it is also known as a small and flat button that when pressed sends an SOS alert to the previously registered cell phone numbers (maximum 3) and also sends an alert to the tracking platform.

This button is useful when for example we want to communicate with the other person who has access to the car GPS or when we are on alert or in danger due to a situation.

Other functions

There are other functions in some car GPS models, in addition to those mentioned above, such as:

  • Jammer detection or signal inhibitor
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Door status detection
  • Analog and digital inputs and outputs

Jammer detection or signal inhibitor

This function that is available in some recent car GPS models, serves to detect and take some action when they try to block the GPS signal with some jammer or signal inhibitor.

These devices what they do is, that when they are turned on, after a time (1 to 2 min approx), depending on the model, cause “noise” or interference in the car GPS signal, and for this reason, it stops having communication while it is on. In this way, the unit can be stolen, and while the jammer, the GPS will stop reporting the updated location.

The GPS that has this function of detecting a jammer can be programmed to carry out some action when this attack occurs. One of the most common and efficient functions is to program the GPS so that when it detects an attack, the GPS autonomously activates engine shutdown, thus preventing the unit from being stolen.

Bidirectional communication

This function allows communication with the driver through the GPS, since this car GPS, in addition to the microphone, have a horn that allows listening to the driver, his interlocutor.

This function allows you to have communication with the driver without distracting him or in cases where the driver does not have a balance or a cell phone, he can communicate through the GPS.

Door status detection

Some models have functionality, which lets you know when a door is open or closed. Also depending on the car tracking software that the GPS uses, it will send an alert.

Analog and digital inputs and outputs

Through these inputs and outputs, it is possible to connect other accessories or functions to expand the use of the GPS. For example, fuel meters, temperature sensors, speed governors, and many more functions can be installed depending on the particular requirements.

Recommendations for purchasing a Car GPS tracker

There are several important factors to consider.

  1. The make and model of the car GPS give you a backup since some “cheap” equipment can eventually fail.
  2. Consider buying Car GPS with internal antennas. The installation will be cleaner and more wiring than necessary will be avoided.
  3. Make sure it has a power outage or fuel. It will give you a very important tool in preventing theft of your vehicle.
  4. The guarantee in the place where you buy the GPS tracker is important. We recommend that you buy it where they offer to install it since there will be a better guarantee in the installation and in the GPS tracking equipment with a single supplier.
  5. We recommend that you offer GPS with a satellite tracking platform since it will be easier to monitor your vehicle.
  6. Preferably buy a GPS with 3G technology

Where can you buy a Car GPS tracker?

In the following link we recommend you purchase a Car GPS tracker, it includes:

  1. Installation
  2. Engine stop, microphone, and panic button
  3. Satellite tracking platform